As responsible citizens, we ought to constantly be engaged in matters to do with the community and country as a whole. Unfortunately, many choose to ignore politics and treat policy making with less regard than other areas of our lives.

This gives a few interest groups the ability to mobilize and influence policy-making. By staying alert and keeping up to date with news, you become a ‘relevant entity’ and as more of us become engaged, we end up creating a force worthy of recognition and an invitation to the discussion table.

With your rights as a citizen come many responsibilities. So, let’s value the freedoms we enjoy, including the freedom of press and expression, but go beyond recognition to utilizing them for the betterment of the society as a whole.

Engagement happens online & offline. Both publicly and in private settings.

Regardless of what school you go to or what industry you work in, regulations and taxation affect us all and considering most industries are dependent on each other, the goal should be a common one and efforts should all lead to the same destination.

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