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Since corporate media is powered by advertising, sensationalism is the deciding factor when it comes to headlines. Unfortunately, Globalism is the agenda most TV and online platforms have embodied and #CancelCulture is getting to almost every talent that refuses to comply.

To counter that, other non-globalist platforms pushed too far to the right, putting the majority of us in a position where we don’t have a platform we can relate to, which indirectly meant, having no voice on the provincial and national level.

The ‘Neglected’ Majority

Despite of how you voted in the most recent federal elections, you must’ve noticed the discrepancy between popular vote and actual representation. Over a million Canadian ballots had Absolutely No Value.

There’s a technical explanation for it, which is precisely the issue; the fact that we are “legally” living in a system where some people’s votes are worth more than others’ and some votes are basically worthless. In order to change that, we have to change the system.


Alberta spoke loud and clear by voting mostly blue. Whether you believe we need to separate from the federation or remain a part of it, we all deserve to be heard and it’s time for Alberta to Talk.

Using the power of the internet, let your voice be heard and engage whether on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even through the old-school email.

Remember that most TV channels, radio stations, YouTube, Google and Facebook all care about their advertisers more than you. Multi-national organizations with deep pockets have and always will be their biggest customers and since their interest and ours don’t usually align, stories that matter to us and need to be spread end up getting buried, that’s if they even make it to their radars.

A Shared Responsibility

This puts the task of informing on you and I to become our own reporters and journalists. We’ve got to do our own research and create our own alliances. Join groups, spread the word and spark the conversations needed to be had on a policy-making level. If you come across a story worth sharing, please do share it and if you know online platforms are “ghost-blocking” you or your content, use #AlbertaTalks and we will automatically share your story, article or comment on The Western Voice for others to see it as well.

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