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You most likely haven’t heard of this event. But, if you have, then please, spread the word.

On October, 18 2019, Johns Hopkins University, in Collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ran an exercise for a global coronavirus pandemic. Yes, a coronavirus pandemic, 2 months before the world heard of the outbreak and probably while China was already dealing with its first cases.

It’s hard to assume that this was just a simulation to prepare for a pandemic, because a few months after this so-called global initiative, all systems acted exactly according to the exercise, computer models were treated as facts and states of emergency were declared across the globe.

Regardless of how mismatching computer models and actual numbers were, governments still went on with the script and shut the entire world down, instilled fear in the hearts of people and in a matter of days, we went from “we don’t know what this is” to “we’re here for you”, “we’re in it together” and all that crap, while Central banks signed record-shattering deals and went on purchasing spree.


Johns Hopkins is the university that provided the models governments used during the COVID-19 crisis

World Economic Forum is now on the next phase of its journey as the global platform for public-private cooperation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation directly fund Novavax & Moderna, both of which are competing on new flu vaccines and were both have been receiving millions in grants from the US government.

Here, Novavax, which lists Satellite Overseas (Holdings) Limited as one of its largest shareholders, got an extension towards its vaccine work and “Pandemic Preparedness” 6 years ago, yet, the system doesn’t seem prepared for much, and their in adult, infant and pregnant mother trials failed. That might explain why the foundation is invested in multiple vaccinations companies and in some cases requesting licensing with that.

And just a week ago, Moderna got close to half a billion dollars by the HHS. Moderna is owned by Viking Global Investors, Sequoia Capital China, Julius Baer & others.

So, though the US has temporarily suspended funding the World Health Organization for apparent collusion with China & International bankers, which cost lives and destroyed millions, socioeconomically, the Chinese government, along with other arms of the United Nations, still manage to withdraw millions out North American and European tax payers.

A research is being done to connect all the dots and will be published soon. For now, check out this simulations and mock reports from Event 201 to get an idea of how scripted, most of these real-life reactions were.

Segment 1 – Intro and Medical Countermeasures (MCM) Discussion

Segment 2 – Trade & Travel Discussion

Segment 3 – Finance Discussion

Segment 4 – Communications Discussion and Epilogue Video

Segment 5 – Hotwash and Conclusion

Highlights from the October 18th Event 201 Exercise

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