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"In a world run by corporate media, our objective is to give voice to the silent majority."

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Did you know about Event 201?

Economy, Education, Financial, New World, Politics

You most likely haven’t heard of this event. But, if you have, then please, spread the word. On October, 18 2019, Johns Hopkins... Read More → Did you know about Event 201?

#Approve Teck Frontier Rally

Economy, Employment, Financial, Health, Politics

We need your help to send a clear message that Canadians want to reward environmental innovation! That’s why Canada Action is... Read More → #Approve Teck Frontier Rally

Why is TikTok (a cyber threat) allowed in Canada?

Politics, Technology

Are you or your children using TikTok? If so, are you familiar with how it works? For months, some adults have been desperately trying to... Read More → Why is TikTok (a cyber threat) allowed in Canada?

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Aside from networking and personal growth, our crew and volunteers value the fulfillment of working for the people. 

Being the amazing warriors they are, they help set up events, initiate and support campaigns, organize conferences and constantly seeking ways to influence positive change within the community.

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